Our Favourites

NEW PRODUCT: Heart Chimes

In the last couple of weeks we have introduced a new product at Joybells.  One of the girls asked me to put it online because it is so popular and the concept is unique and beautiful.  Here is what she had to say about Heart Chimes:

  “... heart chimes are such a great gift for a friend, or someone going through a hard time.  Basically they put the little heart in their handbag and everytime it gently chimes, they remember that you care for them.  Also, each heart chime has a meaning, the one here means HARMONY.  So not only does it remind them that they are cared for it reminds them to enjoy the harmony of their life.  Love it!"

Finding the Perfect Card

At Joybells Card & Gift Store we have a reputation for having good cards so we often have customers looking for that perfect/ hard to find card.  Here is one of our suggestions for a Wedding Card:

  “This Wedding card sold out across Australia, but now we finally have it back in stock.  This is one our favourite Wedding Cards simply because it is so cheeky and fun.  It is great for a Beach Wedding or a Fun-loving couple.  A Card that is something a little bit different from most Wedding cards!"

Salt City Soy Candles

At Joybells Card & Gift Store we simply LOVE our range of Salt City Soy Candles. Why, you ask?

  • They are soy based & triple scented = a healthier, layered scent!
  • They have really long burn times = value for money!
  • They only burn a small amount at a time = no jar full of hot wax burning out all the scent!
  • They burn fully-scented, to the bottom of the jar = no wastage!

"My favourite Salt City Candle is Mountain Vineyard, it is one of those smells that both men & women like. I like to burn this one when we have friends over for dinner. I gave one to my son for his new flat. Last time he visited, he & his flatmates asked for more candles..."