Salt City Candles & Soul Candles

At Joybells we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our candles...

Since opening we have stocked the gorgeous Salt City Candle range.  Many of our customers have been buying their Salt City Candles from us since then.

Our other more recent range of candles is the Soul Luxury Candle range.  This has become hugely popular as it has a delicious range of frangrances in beautiful jars with bamboo lids.

Here is a little bit more information about both of these ranges:

Salt City Candles

Salt City Candles are a soy-based candle with a famously long burn-time.  This burn time is what makes them so economical: medium 80-90 hours, large 100 - 120 hours.

Salt City candles are now only available in medium and large jars.  Both of these jars have sealed glass lids. (click here)


Soul Luxury Candles

Soul Luxury Candles are made from a high grade soy and are triple-scented.  Triple scenting means that there are layers to the fragrance, making the candle lush and fresh.

The Soul soy candle range come in three sizes, each with significantly long burn-times: small 60 - 70 hours, medium 90- 100 hours, large 120 - 150 hours.

Each Soul Candle is in a glass jar and is sealed with a bamboo lid (click here).