Spongelle & Spongology

Spongelle are amazing!  They really are!   And if you haven't tried spongelle... now is the time.  


What are Spongelle?

Spongelle are a range of sponges that are infused with sea kelp, botanicals, bergamot and other oils.  They are uniquely designed to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise skin.

How do I use Spongelle?

One of the most wonderful things about Spongelle is how easy they are to use.  Just jump in the shower or bath, wet the spongelle, then rub the spongelle over your skin and rinse off.  It automatically exfoliates and moisturises.  So when you hop out of the shower or bath - your skin feels exquisite

How often can I use Spongelle?

Some people use Spongelle every day!  Others use it a couple of times a week. For best results, you need to use it regularly.


What are the different types of Spongelle?

Spongelle recently updated their range.  Here is a list of some of the fresh, new Spongelle available in Australia:

Spongelle 5+ Washes

If you are new to Spongelle we recommend trying a Spongelle 5+ wash $14.99.  It is often called the travel size as it is perfect for a suitcase.  After 5 washes the natural extracts begin to diminish, however most of our customers get about a month out of this size.  This is a popular size for a gift also.

Spongelle 10+ Washes

This size is a popular size for gifts at $19.99.  After 10 washes the natural extracts begin to diminish, however most of our customers get about 2 months out of this size.

Spongelle Duets 30+

The duets at $34.99, are the size that many of our regular Spongelle users buys as it is best value for money.  Each pack contains 2 spongelles.  After 30washes the natural extracts begin to diminish, however most of our customers get several months out of this size.  They come in a giftbox.

Spongelle Pedi Buffer

The pedi-buffer $19.99 is a treat for feet.   They have a rough side for more intense exfoliation, then a smoother side to infuse oils into the skin. They also have macadamia nut oil to keep heels soft, Ginger root extract to heal and restore and Sea kelp to deoderise and detoxify.

These spongelle ped-buffers are pretty amazing - after a few weeks of using these, your feet will begin to be transformed.  AND, you can lather up your legs to shave them with the pedi-buffer.


Spongelle Anti-Cellulite Buffer

The spongelle anti-celluclite body buffer is a new product in the range.  It has a beautiful fragrance and is infused with extracts of coffee, arnica and sea kelp.  Use it regularly to massage and cleanse in a circular motion.  This increases the circulation to theses areas, and helps smooth and exfoliate areas prone to cellulite.

Spongology Range

This is a new organic range of spongology exfoliating body buffers. They are available in Milk & Honey or Eucalyptus fragrances.  The range includes a back buffer with bamboo handles and body buffer with glove.


To see our full range of spongelle products click here.

Can I buy Spongelle Wholesale for my shop?

For shops/businesses who are interesed in buying Spongelle wholesale email us on info@joybells.com.au

Please include your shop/business information such as name and location in Australia.

Then we will get back to you about wholesale spongelle.